1. Conducting aerial surveys

Before a project even gets underway, drones can be used by surveyors and construction firms to conduct aerial inspections and evaluations of a site. This is particularly useful in urban areas, where space is often tight. Aerial imagery can be taken and measured against tools such as Google Maps to calculate site dimensions, height restrictions, and access points. Using drones for this purpose will save construction firms and project managers time, money and resources.

2. High definition video and imagery

Drones have the capability to be fitted with high-definition cameras. With this level of technology on-board, users on the ground are able to survey a site in real-time, but also capture video and imagery. Traditionally, aerial footage would have to be captured from a helicopter or light aircraft and the fuel cost alone makes drones a much more viable option.  

3. Worksite surveillance

Surveillance is one of the main benefits of drone technology in the construction sector, but it isn’t limited to land management. Drones can also be used to monitor contractors on site, to ensure health and safety standards are being met. Security firms can also use them at night to protect against theft and trespassing. Once again, traditional, static CCTV is more expensive and less mobile.

4. construction progress

Using drones is the quickest, safest and least expensive way to track the progress of your next construction project. insure site progress is moving along as scheduled, also allow potential clients to get high resolution photos and videos  of progress and layout of property.

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